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Beecher Law Firm. Houston, TX

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Tracey Beecher


Tracey A. Beecher was raised in Houston, Texas. Tracey knew from an early age she wanted to be an attorney and participated in mock trials, debate teams, and youth and government during high school. After high school, Tracey attended The University of Houston. Here, she obtained a Bachelor of Arts and graduated with honors in 2000. Tracey then attended South Texas College of Law where she graduated with a J.D. After passing the bar, she worked in a civil litigation firm handling mass torts. Tracey opened the Beecher Law Firm in 2006 handling family law and civil litigation cases. After the economic downturn in 2008 shuttered the firm, Tracey began working as a criminal defense attorney for large criminal defense firms representing clients with class C misdemeanors through arraignment, trial, and appeal. However, missing the autonomy of her own firm, Tracey reopened the Beecher Law Firm in 2017.
Tracey enjoys assisting others in finding solutions that fit their needs and interests. Whether facing a traffic ticket, or a change in the family unit caused by a breakup or death, Tracey uses her education, experience, and skills to fight for her client’s interests. She is passionate about providing smart, tailored, and zealous representation to her clients both in and outside of the courtroom.

Office Assistant
Nora Fontenot is Ms. Beecher’s office assistant and is the go-to person for
appointments, coverage area, docket details regarding court dates, time, and location.
Nora frequently assists clients who have concerns about their ticket dates, license eligibility and warrant notifications. Nora is a certified Texas notary and is a fluent Spanish speaker.

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