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Traffic Tickets and Ordinances

Traffic Tickets and Ordinances

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  • 3033 Chimney Rock Road

Service Description

Whether you are distressed from your recent encounter with having red and blue lights behind your car, or troubled after receiving a pink ticket for alleged municipal ordinance violations on your real estate or uneased after law enforcement’s impromptu visit to your business left you with a laundry list of alleged violations that could end up costing you thousands of dollars or close your business, attorney Tracey Beecher has handled it all. We know it's not a trivial matter when clients seek our firm’s assistance with traffic tickets and municipal ordinance violations. We work diligently to defend our clients’ pocketbook, licenses and business interests in these matters. Our practice area includes: -Building Code Defense -License Suspension Hearings -Traffic Ticket Defense -Municipal Ordinance Violations

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  • (281) 501-8431

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